Personalised training in

  • MYOB
  • MYOB Payroll
  • Bookkeeping
  • Basic Computing
  • Word & Excel


StoryBridge Business Services offer training with a more flexible schedule. The modern workplace landscape regularly includes mature aged people who have been affected by redundancies or retrenchments and are returning to / or re inventing themselves into the workforce.  Storybridge Business Services is finding that larger structured classes are not always suitable. The Mature aged candidates comment that these large and sometimes very fast moving courses can be overwhelming and not conducive to their re-learning of skills often from the ground up.

To cater for this "mainstream" short fall, StoryBridge Business Services are offering courses with a more flexible schedule.

If you have jobseekers or staff needing urgent training, we can organise courses or training at a mutually suitable date and time.

We can customise or personalise the training to suit your requirements, and as always, we are there as support on the end of the phone or an email.